Bossa Nova Technologies introduces MAMBO for Hair color measurement.
Bossa Nova Technologies introduces BOLERO for Hair volume measurement.


From the surface inspection using polarization imaging to the investigation of core material integrity using laser ultrasound, Bossa Nova Technologies offers a complete range of industrial turn-key inspection systems. Due to the high versatility of our systems, our field of applications covers a large industrial spectrum, from cosmetic testing of hair products to laser welding inspection. Years of experience in mechanical/optical/electronics/software design coupled with a strong R&D background in lasers, optics and non-destructive testing make Bossa Nova Technologies the perfect solution provider.

We propose products and services in each application field:

Our polarization camera SAMBA is the key element of our cosmetic testing systems (SAMBA Hair for gloss and color measurement on hair, SAMBA Face for gloss and color measurement on skin, teeth and lips and RUMBA for hair fiber orientation measurement). MAMBO is our new sensor dedicated to hair color identification.

Our polarization cameras (SALSA & SAMBA) applications range from robotic vision to 3D reconstruction.

Our laser ultrasonic receivers (TEMPO & QUARTET) are used for non-destructive testing on metal, rock, concrete, plastic and composite and characterization of transducer and piezoelectric element. Our QUARTET Laser Thickness Gauge based on QUARTET is a turn-key system dedicated for remote thickness measurement.
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