LUVI, a short form of Laser Ultrasonic Visualizing Inspector created by Tsukuba Technology Co. Ltd., is a device that can nondestructively inspect the surface and internal defect of objects, such as parts of cars, airplanes, trains, ships, electronic products, pipelines of oil, gas, power plants, etc. With LUVI, you can see ultrasonic propagation using laser. (Check the video of an stainless stell elbow). The non-contact laser scanning allows inspection of defect using ultrasound, even for complex-shaped objects. Imagine superman shooting laser from his fingertips onto object to generate ultrasound, which enables him to know whether any defect exists in the internal parts of the object, just by watching the ultrasonic propagation like rippled surface

Instant Flaw Detection by Watching Video or Still Image

Watch video image of ultrasound propagated in test object and detect flaw instantly, by irradiating and scanning laser to the test object.

Available for Complex-shaped Objects

Due to noncontact scanning, defect detection of complex-shaped objects such as curved surfaces, gaps, and narrow sections is possible.

Fast & Wide

Fast visualization for wide area is possible with fast scanning by the combination of laser and galvanometer scanner. For example, 30,000 scanning points can be finished in about 10 seconds.

No Optical Adjustment

Easy measurement as no optical adjustment is necessary.

Principal Application

Non-Destructive Testing in industry sector of automobile, airplane, training, ship, steelmaking, oil plant, gas plant, and power plant, material such as Fiber Reinforced Plastic; Elucidation of wave propagation mechanism; Performance evaluation of ultrasonic probe; Evaluation of structural integrity, etc.









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