Bossa Nova Technologies recently developed a remote and turnkey system for thickness measurement of materials : Quartet Laser Thickness Gauge. The system is composed of 1) QUARTET receiver with internal laser (l=532nm): detection bandwidth [1MHz – 20MHz] 2) Generation laser: NdYag pulsed laser (l=1064nm), 100mJ per pulse (10ns pulse duration) with repetition rate 20Hz 3) Acquisition card and computer for data acquisition and display. This Laser Thickness Gauge (LTG) is based on our ultrasonic receiver QUARTET. The receiver is laser based, and benefits from a high sensitive, robust, non-contact, remote and non-destructive inspection technique. The laser head can easily be implemented on a supply chain. Typical thickness measurement accuracy is better than 10µm.  

QUARTET Laser Thickness Gauge
Laser Power Available

Generation: 50 mJ or 100 mJ - Detection: 0.5 W, 1 W or 1.5 W

Distance from control to laser head

2 m to 10 m

Distance from laser head to sample

100 mm to 500 mm

Collection aperture

2" (50.8 mm)

Touche-screen computer with software










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