SAMBA Hair system is a unique tool to analyze the visual appearance of hair. It is now widely used in the cosmetic industry to substantiate claims and evaluate products efficacy such as shampoo, conditioners, shine sprays, etc. , on every type of hair (TRI laboratory). SAMBA Hair System comes as a turn-key system including hardware and computer with dedicated software. The hair samples are positioned on a cylindrical mount that slides inside the instrument. The cover allows in-vitro and in-vivo measurements in regular laboratory environment.

A user-friendly software (left screen shot below) allows the user to acquire the measurement in one click. A complete analysis (numerical data, angular profiles and images) of the visual characteristics (luster, color, images, angular profile, etc.) of the hair tress is delivered in seconds. Numerical data (luster, etc.), angular profiles and images can be quickly compared and exported for reports, presentations or post processing (right screen shot below).

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