The principle of the measurement is simple. The system is composed of 3 main elements:
- a polarization color camera (SAMBA) (1)
- a polarized illumination (2)
- a cylindrical mount for hair tress (3)
The scene observed by the polarization camera corresponds to the hair tress positionned on the cylindrical mount, for -0.5"< x <0.5" (-12.7 mm< x < 12.7 mm) and -45 deg< theta < 45 deg. This optical set-up is equivalent to goniometric measurement, in one shot, without any mechanical displacement. The hair tress being one inch wide, hundreds of hair fibers are analyzed at the same time, allowing statistics and spatial signal averaging. The polarization color camera permits to decompose the scattered light into specular and diffused light for each pixel of the image. The color analysis allows a decomposition of the specular light into the shine and chroma components.

Thanks to the polarization analysis, it is possible to visualize and save the different images (sum, specular, shine , chroma and diffused) and the corresponding angular profiles. Numerical data (lusters, etc.) are also calculated, allowing a complete characterization of the hair visual appearance.

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