SAMBA is a polarization-difference digital camera based on a fast (up to 10 KHz) polarization analysis. No moving polarization element are present as the polarization switch from parallel to crossed analysis is electrically driven. Our proprietary polarization difference analyzer allows polarization difference imaging at hight frame rate (up to 10,000 frame/s). It it composed of a fast polarization rotator followed by a linear polarizer.

The polarization rotation switches from no rotation to 90 degree rotation at video rate, allowing the successive transmission of the vertical and horizontal linear polarization state. This polarization difference analyzer is placed in front of the CCD so SAMBA can be used as a regular camera with the complete line of c-mount lens.

A contrast ratio (Cr = P/C) of more than 300 can be achieved over the full visible bandwidth (400 nm to 700 nm).
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